Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm so far off the deep end of lazy...

I'm so lazy I just made a video instead of writing this time.. but Im going to say I did it so people like my grandparents could see my face, and how quickly my untamed locks are gaining length. I'm sorry I look 99.99% moron and that it is rather long, but that's just the way it is. Miss you all, sorry I was so rude. Kisses, Sarah.


  1. Nice sunset! Ana and I will be in Boulder on New Years, but if the world doesn't end until later, we will go to Lisboa next year. So we will be speaking the same language on the other side of the ocean. But it's kinda like being in the same place, no? Voce e muito simpatico, gostou o video muito. Feliz natal e um bom ano novo e aprende muito e ter muitos experiencias boas... desculpe para meu Portugues horrible...

    -Tio Miguel

  2. Haha you my darling have a great career as a flight attendant awaiting you :) you've got the voice down pat! I love and miss you!